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Payment options
PayPal AFH Check or IMO Bank transfer
directly to Camino
only in European Union
through our partner
501(c)3 tax-deductible 
in the U.S.

directly to Camino
only in European Union

directly to Camino
only in European Union
Our PayPal address is:
Ambassadors of Father´s House (AFH)

AFH is our U.S. based partner organization            
You can donate using your card, PayPal or U.S. bank transfer            
Donation link:              
AFH website:             
AFH will forward your complete donation to Camino account

Check or IMO

A regular personal check or international money order issued in the currency of your country.

Check/IMO is to be issued to:
“Camino, zapsany ustav”
(Please make sure to use the full name.)

Please send the check to:
Jan and Anna Dus
E. Vencovskeho 1141
Policka – 572 01
Czech Republic

Bank transfer

Bank Name: CSOB
Bank Address: Radlicka 333/150, Prague - 15057, Czech Republic
Account number: 311287811
IBAN: CZ82 03000000000311287811
Account Name: „Camino, zapsany ustav“
Address: Camino, zapsany ustav, Evropska 1973/58, Praha 6 – 16000, Czech Republic

If you donate directly to Camino, you will receive an acknowledgement from us as soon as your payment will arrive. (E.U. Citizens will receive an annual statement from Camino at the end of the year.)

If you donate through AFH, you will immediately receive a receipt from the AFH website. Plus at the end of the year, AFH will send you an annual statement.

If you are a new donor, please send us information about your donation by email:

Regardless of which payment option you choose, we will enter it into Camino accounting in the same way. Our bookkeeping is based on the Czech Laws. 

Please note that we are a charity registered in the Czech Republic: